Tu DNA, Tu Decisión

Anne West heads up the Spanish language arm of "Your DNA, Your Say", the international study on DNA and Data Sharing
1st April 2018

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Anne is a Graduate Student in Duke University's Bioethics and Science Policy program, where she studies issues at the intersection of genetics, society, and the law, as well as other complex legal and societal issues pertaining to science, medicine, and technology. She has had an interest in studying the Spanish language ever since her first trip to Spain at the age of 10, which she has expanded up on by spending a semester of college in Spain, majoring in Spanish at Wellesley College and traveling to numerous other Spanish-speaking countries. Anne is also part of the first healthy family to have their genomes sequenced out of pure scientific curiosity.


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Additional translation support was provided by Maria Cerezo, EBI, Wellcome Genome Campus


West, A (2018). Tu DNA, Tu Decisión. [Online]. Available at:  https://surveys.genomethics.org/survey/yourdnayoursay/es [Accessed: 29 May 2018].