Ingenious: The Alzheimer's Gene

Richard and Anna were guests on Kat Arney's series, Ingenious, on BBC Radio 4
9th April 2020

Episode summary from BBC's website:

Alzheimer's is a devastating disease - so would you want to know whether it lies in your future? Some online tests say they can tell you how likely you are to develop it, based on which version you have of a single gene. But can we really believe the stats? Would you want to know your own risk level? And what good, bad - and just plain weird - responses do people have to finding out? 

Dr Kat Arney makes up her mind about whether to take the test, with the help of social scientist Dr Richard Milne and genetic counsellor Professor Anna Middleton.

Presenter: Kat Arney
Producer: Beth Sagar-Fenton


Arney, Kat (2020). The Alzheimer's Gene [Ingenious, BBC Radio 4] 9th April. Available at: